Sea Eagle updates from Portree.

All the Sea Eagle pictures on this website are of the Portree pair and their chicks over the past few years taken from the MV Stardust which I skipper, giving our customers some unique photo opportunities.
This past couple of years has been a little out of the ordinary.
Last year, 2012, the nest failed and no chicks were hatched. As the nest was in a difficult spot last year we were unable to find out what had happened.
This year the pair had still not nested during the first week of April and at first we put this down to the extremely cold weather.
However we were also noticing some different behaviour in the pair. They were perching in unusual places and disappearing for long periods of time.
As some of you know, when the eagles are present we will throw a fish from the boat and often one of them will swoop down close to the boat and retrieve the fish from the sea.
This year we noticed that both birds were coming down together, usually the female first, closely followed by the (smaller) male.
The male was also seeming to have some difficulty in grabbing the fish from the water, sometimes needing several attempts before succeeding.
On Sunday last week (7 April) I managed to get a photo of the male and noticed that the identification rings were different!
So new male. The former one must have died or was killed over the winter.
Sea Eagles mate for life but if one dies the other will usually find another partner.
Unfortunately we have all failed to get a good enough shot of the leg rings to positively identify the new male, must find a good photographer!
In addition to all this, a new pair of young adults have appeared just south of the Portree pair's territory.
They also seem to not be nesting but are creating some interesting stand-offs with all four birds staring at each other from a couple of hundred yards apart across some invisible border.
We are trying to get some photos of the new pair for identification and I will post here as soon has we get some more info. Stay tuned.